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" On your day, I am like one of your guests, I am there for you! There to embody the love in the air, to interact with Grandma and to capture all the sweet moments and dance moves, so you can have something to have and to hold onto forever."

A Little About Me 

My Name is Rilee, and I am a lover of love, travel, being around my favorite people and all things colorful! The only thing I love more than those things is Watermelon, hence a big inspiration behind the name. 


I believe we have events in our life to bring people together to remind ourselves that life is worth celebrating! 

An event shouldn't be treated like a normal day, it is a day to break bread and celebrate the authentic and unique beauty of this world!

Because capturing life can be truly poetic. 


That's where I come in!

I have worked in all thing's weddings and events, but I have fallen in love with having a direct hand in creating and capturing your most special moments in time. I am like a fly on the wall during your special day with a little bit of authentic direction. I want to be a part of your event, without being a person in your event. I desire to make you feel as beautiful as you are, while filming everything that is important to making this day embody you and those around you! 

Style + Editing 

I am a be the moment chaser, as I see the world as a story made up of soft, barely noticeable romantic moments! Whether it's s the breeze blowing through your hair or the light hitting your face just as you smile, I seek for the little moments encased in a beautiful day where you celebrate each others love. I also love words and how they can really tell your story. Vows and speeches are one of my favorite aspects of an event as I learn so much about the love story I am telling from a place of warmth. 

My editing style is your poetic story. I often reach toward a more chronological approach as I love showcasing how the day unfolds. I try to overlap the meaning of the words said with specific moments in your day. I focus on being more true to color if not with a colorful flare if the opportunity arises. I aim for you to look back on your videos and feel the warmth and highlights of your love being shared from all the special moments of your day! 

Watermelon Sugar represents sweetness, it represents that crisp, fresh sweet taste in an event that can only be truly described by biting into a watermelon on a summer day. My goal is to capture the same life of your event through either Day of Coordination, videography or Content Creation.

Doing what I love is really important to me and being able to provide a service that brings me, and others joy is truly the best dream I could ask for!


Since love is so important to me, here are a few things that I LOVE!

  • Traveling to new places and getting to experience a new environment. 

  • Yorkies, specifically our family Yorkie mix Terrier - Harley.

  • Lists and Goals - the more filled my planner is the happier it makes me. 

  • I love to write, specifically poetry! 

  • I love all colors, but I especially love Red the most! 

  • I Love fruit and it is a constant in my house. In the summer I go through a watermelon each week!

  • I love love, All LOVE, but I also love sad girl music, my favorite artist is Adele. 

  • My family, especially playing card with my grandma. 


Watermelon Sugar Film and Events LLC 
Rilee Arey 
Wedding and Event Videographer and Day of Coordinator 
Denver CO 

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