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Watermelon Sugar Film and Events LLC 
Rilee Arey 
Wedding and Event Videographer and Day of Coordinator 
Denver CO 

  • Do you have a second shooter?
    None of my packages/pricing are including a second shooter, if this is something that you would like to add we can do that for an extra fee. For Day of coordination, the package selected does not include an assistant, but may be added in certain scenarios.
  • Do you offer cross over services?
    As of right now I only offer Photography, videography or day of coordination individually. However, I do have an add-on to the coordination package for special moments footage (where I bring my camera gear and can offer you lightly edited videos of the ceremony, speeches and dances on a USB Drive delivered 30 days post-event) I also offer content creation add-ons to photography or Videography Packages!
  • Do have elopement packages?
    Yes I offer videography packages for elopements. Every elopement is different, thus I try to customize a package based off your hourly needs and deliverable desires. Please contact me for more information!
  • Do you travel?
    Of course! I love traveling both personally and professionally. Within all my packages I offer two hours of roundtrip driving complimentary. After that, I charge $0.60 per mile + an airfare or lodging depending on the location. For day of coordination I include 1 venue tour included (within 60 miles of Denver) and 1 in person meeting (within 60 miles of Denver) for the package selected. Total travel cost will be discussed and confirmed in your contract.
  • What happens with our deposit if we or you cancel?
    I want to assure you, canceling is the last thing I want to do. If something happens and I can't attend personally, I will have an associate cover the wedding day in my place and I would cary out the editing. However if there was any reason I would have to cancel our agreement, your deposit would be returned back to you within the week of canceling in full. In the event of you canceling, your deposit is non-refundable, but can be converted into a credit used toward another one of my services. If you have to reschedule check with me and see if we can reschedule.
  • Once we book with you, can we change our package?
    Of Course! We hope to find the right package for you out of the gate, however, if you are looking to upgrade or downgrade your package post signing the contract, we can absolutely switch! Your initial deposit amount wouldn't change, the addition or subtractive cost would be added or taken away to your final payment!
  • How long should I expect to get my highlights and videos delivered?
    Per my contract, I will have all your deliverables on a USB Drive 60 days post your event. The timeline for your highlight will be depending on your package selected and these timetables are listed under Pricing and Packaging page. I will personally send an email when the deliverable are ready to be sent out to confirm address and so you know to keep your eye out for it in the mail.
  • What services are you offering?
    I am currently offering Videography, Photography, Day of Coordination, and Content Creation.
  • How would you describe your Photography Style?
    Excellent question! I have more about this under my photography portfolio, however, my Photography style focuses on a slightly brighter, warmer true-to-color essence. I love to focus on vibrant colors and crisp light.
  • What do I need to know about the process of booking with you?
    First off, I would love to do a video chat call to get to know you and have you tell me about your big day. I become invested in your love story from the first time we meet! If you decide we are a good fit and you want to continue in the booking process. I will send you the contract and I will need it signed by you with a 35 % nonrefundable deposit to hold your date. That amount will go towards your total cost. Once it's signed and sent, I will sign it and send it back to you for your record-keeping. From there, you are always welcome to email me and stay in touch as much as you want, but I won't reach out to you again till a month and a week before your special day to go over any details or questions!
  • What are your Payment Methods/ Payment Plans
    I suggest you paying the deposit through PayPal, Venmo or Zelle, However, for the remaining amount You can pay cash, check or any of the agreed other payment methods. Payment plans can be put in place by request, otherwise the remaining amount is due day of your event.
  • Do you provide the raw footage as part of your packages?
    I don't provide any raw footage clips from your day that don't belong to the special moments footage. The moments like dances, speeches, cake cut and especially ceremony are all to some extent edited. However, if you wanted to add certain desired clips to your package like the raw drone footage or your aunt and uncle entry song, just ask me I have no problem with this. If you still really want the raw files ( which you would need a computer and program that can process 4k and raw files to be able to edit them) Then you can sign an extra contract claiming the use of the files as your own and purchase the files and memory card for $350 addition to your package.
  • How long do you keep my footage/videos for?
    This is a great question and if you don't book with me I suggest asking who ever your book this question! For me I will keep your footage backed up on a hard drive for 3 years and can share any of your highlight videos over Google Drive anytime. If you lose your USB and don't have any copies of your films, I can replace the USB with all your films on there for an additional cost.
  • How would you describe your filming style?
    For a more in depth explanation check out wedding video pricing and packaging. However I would describe my style as visual poetry. I love focusing on the words shared whether that's through vows, speeches or the stories told during ceremony, and overlapping the visuals where the words spoken mean something. I focus on the unspoken authentic moments of the event, the type of moments you look back on and want to remember them. I do love a chronological edit, as I love to display how the day unfolds with sweet little romance touches, but if your package includes more than one highlight there will be variety of editing styles delivered.
  • How do you send your deliverables
    For videography there are a few different ways your videos are given to you. Your highlight film will be shared to you through Google Drive to download up to (3 weeks) post delivery date. It will also be added to Youtube with a link shared for easy access for family viewing and added to the USB drive sent to you when all edits are complete. Your edited ceremony will also be shared over Google Drive for download for (3 weeks) post delivery date. The Ceremony will also be added the the USB if the file is not to large (this will be communicated when package is sent) All other edits including speeches, dances, cake cut other videos etc will be added to the USB and sent to you within the timeframe stated.
  • What video and audio equipment do you use?
    I film with two Sony A7III with a variety of lens. One of the cameras will be set up during ceremony to the side and the other will be on a gimbal with operated by me. As for audio, during ceremony, I will mic up both the Groom and the Officiant (these mic's will not interfere with any other sound system) and I have external mics on both my cameras as well to pick up best audio.
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